Residents concerned with Auburn theft crimes

Residents concerned with Auburn theft crimes
(Source: Google Maps)
(Source: Google Maps)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Theft cases are totaling in at about 50 over the last week and they aren't necessarily catered to one specific area.

According to police reports, they range anywhere from West Magnolia Avenue to Springwood Drive.

The value of the property reported in these cases ranges anywhere from greater than $2,500 to less than $500.

"A lot of economic desperation in the area that's motivating people to make money in ways that are illegal," says Auburn resident Marc Anthony.

"It kind of makes you not want to leave your book bag in your car anymore," says another resident, Allie Harper.

Some say people aren't simply falling safety precautions

"Which means not leaving your car unlocked while you run into Winn Dixie for 15 minutes," Anthony says.

Others aren't bothered by the number

"I do feel safe," says Auburn resident Claire Bowling.

Last Tuesday, there were 13 cases of theft reported in just one day: 2 reported on Barkley Crest Circle, one on Graystone Lane, another on Fieldstone Lane, and various other places.

"Watch your items because people want to steal them and make money off them," says Anthony.

"Be more precautious and kind of keep your eyes in the back of your head kind of thing because you really never know when someone is going to come up and take your stuff, which no one wants," says Harper.

Auburn Police say these crimes range from theft from residents, vehicles, shoplifting, theft of articles from vehicles, yards, as well as telephone scams, and internet thefts.

These are all different offenses perpetrated by various methods and individuals, combining them (or their numbers) in the same category gives the impression that there is an increase or uptick in these type offenses, when there isn't, according to police, who says they are continuing their goal to decrease the number of crimes committed and keeping residents safe.

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