Homicide rates in Columbus break record highs

Updated: Nov. 29, 2017 at 6:42 PM EST
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Just 32 days left in 2017 and the year's homicide rate for the city of Columbus is breaking records. Homicides are at an all-time high according to Columbus Police, with 39 homicides to date. 32 of those homicides are murders, according to Police.

"Some people just don't have respect for other people's lives," says Major J.D. Hawk of Columbus Police.

According to the FBI, the highest homicide rate for the city in previous years was 37 homicides the year of 1994.

Just one year ago in 2016, Columbus' homicide rate tapped out at 26 according to the Muscogee County Coroner's office; that's 13 less than this year's running total.

"A homicide is the unnatural taking of a life. The difference in some homicides is they could be accidental deaths, they could be justifiable deaths, where someone takes someone else's life in protection of their own. Murders are when people unlawfully take someone's life," says Hawk.

"Individuals take actions where one murder causes another murder, there are some cases like that."

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