Murder suspect testifies in his own defense in Oakland Park murder trial

Murder suspect testifies in his own defense in Oakland Park murder trial
Gary Jones. Jr. (center). (Source: WTVM File)
Gary Jones. Jr. (center). (Source: WTVM File)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man suspected of a 2014 murder in Columbus is telling his side of the story.

Gary Jones took the stand in his own defense Thursday morning.

He's on trial for the shooting death of 44-year old Robert Bolden three years ago.

Jones telling the jury, he was not the shooter, denying any involvement in the incident other than mere presence and the how he believes was framed by police.

"I told them that I felt like they were trying to set me up. I wanted my attorney, I wanted to get an attorney," said Jones.

Jones told the court he and a cousin, a co-defendant int he case Adrien Patterson drove to Columbus from Cussetta to buy marijuana on the day Bolden was shot.

While meeting with the victim, an argument took place and then shots were fired, but Jones says he is not responsible for what happened.

"I was thinking, I thought Patterson was shot. But he never mentioned anything about shooting anybody," said Jones.

The defense attorney for Jones, Michael Eddings argues there was no gun recovered, no evidence of a robbery or credible witnesses to convict Jones of any charges.

"This trial is about justice, this trial is about our legal process and system," said Eddings during closing arguments.

The prosecutors continue to stand by their argument hoping the jury will return a guilty verdict on all charges. During closing arguments highlighting what they say is key evidence in the case.

"Give me all you got! Give me all you got! That is why we are here today. Because Gary Jones set up what Gary Bolden thought was a drug deal. What was ultimately a plan to rob him and kill him on his birthday," said Assistant District Attorney, Michelle De Los Santos.

Jones is charged with murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Deliberations are set to begin Friday morning.

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