'We didn't want to bury our child,' anti-violence group forms amid growing homicide rates

'We didn't want to bury our child,' anti-violence group forms amid growing homicide rates
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "We've got a problem…"

Volunteers and speakers voicing their opinions on the Crime in the Columbus community at the kick-off meeting of the newest anti-violence group, SAVE.

"We have lost our connection, our community used to be where the older generation trained and taught the young," said one speaker at the SAVE meeting.

But CEO and founder of SAVE, Dr. Delta Outley, said that disconnect is where SAVE comes in.

"We can turn somebody around if we get them at a young age," said Outley.

SAVE, which stands for "Standing against violence education," strives to target a young population; from the time they're born until their teenage years.

SAVE said their mission is to provide career opportunities, teach young adults character and give them an education to ultimately reduce their future involvement in crime.

"If we have one less murder, we've reduced community violence," said Outley.

The launching program's speakers discussed the newly broken record for the all-time highest homicide rate in Columbus of 39.

Parents of Kendrick High School senior, Javion Shorter, who was shot and killed at a Columbus apartment complex in November, shared their personal words on their sons passing.

"It's just heartbreaking because its still fresh and new to the both of us and we didn't want to bury our child," said the Shorters.

But the Shorters said with programs like SAVE, young adults can make a positive impact on what the future holds for their generation.

You can expect to see events through SAVE coming into action around the start of 2018.

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