Experts say election results in AL may set tone for 2018 midterms

Experts say election results in AL may set tone for 2018 midterms

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -  President Donald Trump's comments on Twitter following Tuesday night's results in Alabama show the commander-in-chief may be aware this loss for the Republican Party will serve as a wake-up call for GOP candidates in upcoming elections. 

A day after the historic election in Alabama, political experts now say Tuesday's results may prove to be a benchmark, setting the tone for midterm elections across the country in 2018.

Dr. Frederick Gordon, chair of political science at Columbus State University, said GOP candidate Roy Moore had many things working for his campaign going into Tuesday. 

"Momentum, the backing of the presidency...there's a lot of things going on there that would play in Roy Moore's favor," Gordon said. 

After learning Democrat Doug Jones earned more votes than his Republican counterpart, Gordon said this election should serve as a cautionary tale for a state like Alabama with historically conservative voters having a candidate, like Moore, surrounded by scandal and controversy.

"No safe seat... is guaranteed," Gordon said. "Obviously there are events ultimately does have an impact on the collective conscience of an electorate, it can even challenge a safe seat."

One of President Trump's latest tweets reads the GOP needs to "put up great Republican candidates" to potentially widen the margins of the party in the House and Senate.

Dr. Gordon said this election left voters asking a very important question of themselves, ahead of midterm and even special elections in 2018 - Minnesota, in particular, as  Senator Al Franken recently announced he will resign in light of sexual misconduct allegations.

"All the forces came together," Gordon said. "To really not only ask Alabama, but the United States as a whole, 'Who are we, and what is our collective identity, social consciousness... what does it really mean?'"

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