Three suspects appear in court for murder of Kendrick High School student

Three suspects appear in court for murder of Kendrick High School student
(Source: Sharifa Jackson.WTVM)
(Source: Sharifa Jackson.WTVM)

Nashira Miller, 19,  Daijon Williams, 19, and 17-year-old Javon McClendon all face charges of murder in the fatal shooting of Javion Shorter.

Warrants issued within days of each other calling for their arrests, all three pleading not guilty.

"At the time the search warrant was executed, Daijon Williams, Nashira Miller, and Javon McClendon, all three were in the inside the apartment,” said Cpl. Sherman Hayes of the Columbus Police Department.

During the search warrant of Daijon Williams apartment, police say they did find a gun matching a projectile recovered during an autopsy.

Witness testimony, phone records, and social media sites were all used to connect this case.

Investigators revealed in court that there was an argument between the victim and Miller right before the shooting.

Investigators also say the victim gave a statement to police before he passed, in which he reportedly revealed his "shooter."

But, that information was not released in court.

"I would think it was a pretty simplistic question, that the detective could have provided to the court, as to why they issued arrest warrants, I think it is unusual that they wouldn't provide that,” said Defense attorney for Nashira Miller, Stacey Jackson.

Jackson and attorney for Daijon Williams both question the validity of the statement and why warrants were issued for all three.

"McClendon had been going around claiming responsibility as the shooter, again I agree with Mr. Jackson, there was probably something problematic about the statement," said Thomas.

The state says they are waiting for more DNA evidence, and to interview more witnesses until they release more information.

The case is being bound over to Superior Court, no one was given a bond.

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