Animal Control adds more traps after coyote sightings continue in Columbus

Animal Control adds more traps after coyote sightings continue in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been over a month, but Columbus Animal Control workers say they are still battling the issue of coyotes roaming closer to residential neighborhoods.

The most recent sightings and trappings are happening in the Overlook neighborhood in Midtown. When coyotes are captured, they are taken to a less populated area where they can roam free.

Professional coyote trappers say there are at least four neighborhoods in Columbus where they are actively trapping the wild animals including Overlook, Windsor Park, Brookstone, Green Island Hills, and Heath Park.

Professional trappers working harder then ever to get a grip on the growing issue.

"It's always been an issue, but it's growing, as they are breeding they are getting more populated," said Jarrod Yasenchok of Jarrod's Pest Control.

Jarrods, contracted by the city of Columbus, using extra man power to get coyote sightings under control.

"We look for hair on fence, prints, in the ground, tracks through the woods, we set traps up all over and check multiple times per day," said Yasenchok.

While Jarrod's Pest Control in Columbus is officially contracted by the city, it's all hands-on deck. Wild life and animal removal companies all over the city are helping out.

"Basically they are a nuisance, their populations are starting to get way over-populated, especially getting that way in Columbus," said Russell Morrison with 'A Pro-Wildlife Removal."

Morrison says since he began trapping, he has caught between 25 and 30 coyotes. Morrison and Yasenchok both agree, coyote sightings are becoming far too common.

"The development in Columbus is tearing down a lot of their natural habitat, and it's causing them to reach out and go into the neighborhoods,” said Morrison.

Coyotes are nocturnal, usually only be appearing in early morning hours or late at night. Officials say if you see a coyote stay away, but make sure you call a professional, or animal control at 311.

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