Candidates make final push in Phenix City District 2 runoff

Candidates make final push in Phenix City District 2 runoff
Vickey Carter Johnson (L) and Baxley Oswalt (R).

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - We are just one day away from the highly contested city council runoff election in Phenix City.

Baxley Oswalt and Vickey Carter Johnson are the two candidates battling for the seat once held by the late Dr. Johnnie Robinson.

Both candidates are hoping that voters are not going to get caught up in the voting fraud allegations from the last election. One of the candidates wants to put any speculation he had anything to do with the fraud to rest.

Phenix City City Council District 2 candidate, Baxley Oswalt. says he's been fighting an uphill battle and wants to invalidate allegations against him before election day. "It's a travesty that we have gone to court hearings, hearings, before the city council, etc during this election," says Oswalt. "Those things were totally uncalled for."

The allegations of voter fraud surfaced just after the election. According to the city, 82 names of around 500 that voted in the November election are said to have registered at businesses versus where they live. That is deemed illegal by the Secretary of State.

"Some of my supporters had some information that a person could register at a business address or a home address and they decided to follow suit with that and some of them did file and change their voting places….I've never been involved in any kind of voter fraud," Oswalt explains.

Candidate Vickey Carter Johnson says voter irregularities have made voters question the democratic process but she doesn't want to put any doubts in their minds. Johnson believes turnout is key in this election and the Senate election numbers from last week have her hopeful. "With the momentum with the voter turnout last week, it gave us the moment that they will turn out this week," Johnson says.

Fifteen votes separated the two in November. Both say every ballot is crucial tomorrow.

"This is mission critical that electors get out and vote for me because I believe I am the most qualified candidate to fill this position," says Johnson.

"If you are a registered voter in District 2 get out and vote your convictions. We'll look forward to seeing you after the election is over," says Oswalt.

There are 7,000 registered voters in District 2 in Phenix City around 500 voted last time around. The only voting location for tomorrow is at the Central Activity Center from 7AM/ET-7PM.

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