More people speak out about no pay at Columbus company; BBB reacts

More people speak out about no pay at Columbus company; BBB reacts

Employees at Complete Facilities Management, now called, Unlimited Facilities Management are coming forward and claiming months without pay.

Representatives from the Columbus Better Business Bureau are speaking out.

"Most people aren't really sure who to call outside of their local manager or local boss," said Tabitha Ingraham, Regional Director of the Columbus Better Business Bureau.  "We want to get them the correct contact information."

Tabitha Ingraham of the Columbus Better Business Bureau says employees in the state of Georgia who are not paid have the right to file a complaint with the Hour and Wage Division within the Department of Labor.

She says it is also important to watch for scams.

Dozens of people from Complete Facilities Management say they are considering legal action following weeks without pay.

"I got one check, and it was in November. After that, I didn't get anymore," said a former employee of Compete Facilities Management.

Scrolling through his text log, this former employee of CFM says like many of his co-workers, he too has been waiting weeks, even months without being paid.

All attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.

"I've been laid off since October 30th of this year. So on top of not getting paid, I'm not working," said the former employee. "People have bills and stuff, and when they don't have no gross coming in, bills get behind, and your car payment, utilities and stuff get cut off."

Ingraham says during the holiday time the BBB sees an increase in these kinds of reports and encourages employees to document everything. She also encourages people to keep track of hours worked regularly.

"Sometimes they are not really scams, could be a company got in a tight spot and because of that you are suffering. Make sure you are working for a reputable company," said Ingraham.

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