Alabama boy gives up Christmas gifts to help the homeless

Alabama boy gives up Christmas gifts to help the homeless
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) – Jonivan Edwards is no normal 10-year-old. Rather than asking for gifts this holiday season, Edwards decided to give back.

The idea came to Jonivan after seeing homeless people. "I just want to make them smile", Jonivan said with a grin.

Jonivan's mother, Nancy, found out about what her son wanted to do while she was trying to compile a list of gifts he wanted for Christmas.

"I said Jonivan you haven't told me what you wanted for Christmas." Explained Nancy, " He said, 'Mom, I just want to give to the homeless."

Nancy was touched by her son's idea but was skeptical about how long it would last, "when he first told me, I was extremely proud, but I must be honest in the back of my head I said as Christmas nears He is going to think of something that he wants."

Jonivan never mentioned even one thing that he wanted.

On Jonivan's birthday, which also happens to be in December, his mother drove him and a group of friends to House of Mercy in Columbus to drop off the gifts they had collected.

"They were amazed," noted Jonivan, "I think they thought that nobody cared about them."

Jonivan's grandmother says he is a giving child. "Sometimes people get lost in their own families," she says "but deep down most people care"

Jonivan not only brought gifts for the homeless, he also brought them notes. "God bless you, God has a way." the note read, "Keep your head up! We love you and God does too."

With a big smile on his face Jonivan said, "Next Christmas I want to do it again!"