Dangerous, deadly speeding and crashes on Columbus roads leave residents concerned

Dangerous, deadly speeding and crashes on Columbus roads leave residents concerned

(WTVM) - In Columbus, a deadly and dangerous pattern of vehicle accidents on Floyd Road has people in the area concerned for their safety.

Less than one week ago a teenage pedestrian was struck while crossing the road.

"We're seeing the cars go flying by and we're wondering is someone going to get in a wreck, is something going to happen," says Billy Buckley, a resident on Floyd Road.

Residents on Floyd Road say the history of speeding and dangerous crashes on the busy street in Columbus speaks for itself.

"Someone is going to end up getting killed over here," says Buckley.

Just this year on November 4, an afternoon motorcycle accident claimed the life of 72-year-old Bobby Francis Sr. after police say a man was driving under the influence and following too closely on Floyd Road.

One month later and more recently, a teenager was struck by a car as he was crossing the intersection of Floyd and Buena Vista Road. That teen was sent to the hospital for critical injuries. But this week, on Christmas Day and the day after, there were multiple vehicle accidents according to Columbus police.

"I think everybody is worried because they are tired of seeing the cops out here with wrecks," says Buckley.

Floyd Road's posted speed limit varies from 30 to 35 miles per hour along the stretch of the street. But Buckley says neighbors would like to see speed detector signs installed along the road or more police patrol.

"Floyd should be a concern because of the speed limit sign...says 30 miles an hour and people are still pushing 50 or whatever they go," says Buckley.

"I think everybody wants something done out here. The cops need to sit out here and catch, watch them."

We reached out to Columbus police for more information on the recent crashes on Floyd Road and requested any information on discussion of installing possible speed detection signs. We will continue to keep you updated.

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