Drivers frustrated with never-ending road construction in North Columbus

Drivers frustrated with never-ending road construction in North Columbus
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

A major road construction project is underway on parts of Moon, Williams Road, and Veterans Parkway.

The plans to widen parts of this road began nearly three years ago in October of 2014, now drivers will have to wait even longer for completion.

Frequent drivers of the area say they are extremely frustrated.

"Traffic can be hectic, between 4 and 6, it can be dangerous, it has been accidents at this intersection," said Robert Johnson, who lives in the area.

Georgia Department of Transportation officials (GDOT) says the road widening project is taking longer than normal, unforeseen issues like weather, utility issues with water lines, and contractors backing the project up months.

The seemingly never-ending road construction projects not only frustrating for so many drivers but hazardous.

The railroad crossing along Williams Road has uneven lanes and huge holes. Drivers say the crossway is damaging to their cars.

This also said to be a growing and frustrating issue among drivers.

"It concerns me some of these people coming through here at 40 miles per hour like they used to if they hit it at 40 miles per hour, they are going to go down, it's really dangerous," said Robert Adams, who crosses the railroad often.

Drivers say they are remaining patient, but are ready for the traffic nightmare to be over.

"Not quite sure what's taking so long, but it would be nice if they would finish," said Johnson.

The Moon Road project is said to be about 70 percent complete.

An estimated completion time is set to be sometime Summer 2018.

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