Riverwalk near Naval Museum to re-open after lengthy construction

Riverwalk near Naval Museum to re-open after lengthy construction

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – It's been a year since a 64-foot section of the Riverwalk collapsed behind the naval Museum in January of 2017.

Vic Burchfield, Vice President of Columbus Water Works said because there is a 54-inch sewer line underneath that area, the company had to take extra precautions.

"An engineering design had to be done to determine the best way to stabilize that bank," said Vic Burchfield.

They couldn't start the construction until last August and after 5 months of construction Burchfield said they are "actually" on time.

"I know it seems like a long time, but for a project like this, it's not a long time when you've got to do an assessment. Then the design work and the bidding to get the contractors secured and then start the construction," said Vic Burchfield

A year later, the last thing on the list was adding new pavement. Luckily with temperatures above 40 degrees, earlier this week crews could work on the pavement.

The section should officially re-open no later than the end of January and they hope with the new designs in place, this won't happen again.

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