Columbus residents share what MLK holiday means to them

Columbus residents share what MLK holiday means to them

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated in 1968.

Many people are excited for MLK Day to continue the vision for Dr. King, whether it be by attending unity events or generally serving the community as they do every day. Many of them say it's good they don't have to go to work, so they can use this day to help others in the community through the many events taking place in Columbus.

"The best thing about MLK is that it brings unity back, and you bring the community together. Anytime you bring the community together you form bonds, and that goes a long way socially in the community and the environment," explained Chad Williams.

While many are celebrating by helping others, one person says people should look at MLK Day as a reflection of the nation and where Columbus is going.

"Don't think of it just as a holiday,  think of it time to reflect. Our ancestors went through it. Just stop all the killing. That's pretty much what this day should encompass," said Columbus resident Marcus Ramey.

Click here for a list of events happening across Columbus.

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