Man injured in Ft. Mitchell Dollar General shootout speaks out

Man injured in Ft. Mitchell Dollar General shootout speaks out

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - A shootout at a Fort Mitchell Dollar General that ended in one man's death and two others injured is under investigation.

One of the men injured says he wants to set the record straight on what happened that night.

After all the speculation among people in the Fort Mitchell area Justin Davidson says he wants to make it clear he did not shoot first nor were his intentions to kill anyone that night.

"I can tell you that it was in self-defense," said Davidson.

Justin Davidson talks on the phone from his hospital bed at Midtown Medical after a deadly shootout that ended at the Dollar General on Sweetwater Bridge Road in Fort Mitchell.

Davidson says he and his wife were coming from Columbus and going home to Seale when what appeared to be two teenagers in a car driving beside him started yelling and driving erratically around him.

"They started flying around us like they wanted to race us," he said.

Trying to find out what the intentions were of the other car, Davidson says he continued to follow hoping to find out who was behind the wheel and notify police of the alleged road rage.

The car led Davidson to the Sunoco gas station along Highway 165.  When arriving at the station, Davidson says, he saw a man, he says is Lorenzo Freeman standing in the middle of the street,  with a shotgun in hand.

Davidson continued, "so we flip around and do a U-turn and he jumps in his car and starts chasing us."

Davidson says he did multiple maneuvers to get away.

His wife was on the phone with his mother's boyfriend, Ernie May, who was meeting them in the area. Davidson says he took the phone to let May know what was going on.

Davidson proceeded to pull his car by the stop sign at the corner of the Dollar General and got out of his car and walks towards Freeman, who is standing near the Dollar General parking lot, both men with a gun in hand. Pleading with Freeman not to shoot, he said.

"Sir please stop, please stop, put your gun down, and then boom, he shot me," Davidson recounts the moment before shots were fired.

Davidson says after being shot, he fired rounds back, then Davidson's mother's boyfriend, Ernie May arrived on scene.

May stops his truck in front of Freeman to block him from shooting Davidson again, then Freeman walked over and pointed his gun inside the car and shot May, Davidson said.

Davidson claims the last thing he remembers is Freeman stumbling down in the Dollar General parking lot as he laid on the ground.

"It's sad that Lorenzo had to die, and I'm heartbroken that it stemmed from those two teenagers," Davidson said.

The Russell County Sheriff's department has not released any information on the teenagers that Davidson says started this incident.

Davidson says he will be out of the hospital in the coming days.

His femur is shattered from the gun wound, and May, the second victim,  had to have a blood transfusion after being shot in the chest, according to Davidson.

Davidson concluded his conversation with News Leader 9's Parker Branton by saying he doesn't believe this is a road rage incident, "this is an incident where two teens, 18-20 year-olds were out causing trouble. Davidson says he is retired military and he is upset one of his "brothers" died during the incident.

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