Columbus hardware professional offers tips to winterize your home

Columbus hardware professional offers tips to winterize your home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Freezing temperatures are moving into the  Chattahoochee Valley and officials are giving simple tips to help 'Winterize' your home.

Officials say the earlier you prepare, the better your home will be protected.

"Prepare before winter, because it costs a lot, and the same thing you do to try and keep the cold out, will also help you in the summertime keep the cold in," says Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson, co-owner of Ace Hardware store in Columbus says many homeowners do not realize the consequences of not protecting their homes until it's too late.

"The weather that we got right now in these 20's and if it dips down lower than that, that's dangerous for a house," says Johnson.


  • Protect your pipes and faucets by using covers.
  • Keep faucets in bathrooms and kitchens dripping.
  • Watch out for areas that allow heat into your home.

"Most of the heat that is lost is at your door. Doors, windows, and fireplaces, all allow cold air into your home, and the heat out. You need to seal those areas," says Johnson.

Other tips include leaving heat at a low temperature to keep the pipes and walls warm and having an extra source of heat.

Buying an extra source of heat in case of power loss is also recommended.

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