Columbus church drives around picking up those in cold weather

Columbus church drives around picking up those in cold weather
Many shelters are extending their hours during this cold weather, but The Verge Church is picking up those in the cold and taking them to warming stations.
"We have a church that we open up to people in the 28 below. Which is 28 degrees below weather. So, we try to comply with the Georgia state law and we ride around picking them up, feed them, shower them, spend time with them, and give them the gospel," says Verge Representative Frankie Schurg.

Representatives at the Verge Church say that they have been to places like Burger King, The Safehouse and the water park picking up those who need help. They say it's going to be a while before they close their doors.
"We keep them sometimes if the weather is bad. On Wednesday we'll probably keep them all day. The weather advisory says not to get on the ice, the black ice. So, we'll probably keep them all day tomorrow," says Verge Representative Larry Wing.

They say they've done this for a few years and have seen many situations where people thanked them and told them that they saved their lives. When asked about the motivation, they say they want to make sure that no else has to endure this dangerous weather.

"It's important because we lost one this year already downtown froze to death. We got to make a change. We got to make a change. And the only way to make a change is for us to do it because everybody else ain't gone do it for you."

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