(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)
(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)
(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)
(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Churchgoers and inquiring minds inside Faith Worship Center on Blanchard Boulevard spent a couple of hours chatting with several local health professionals as part of the church's yearly health fair.

Church member Geraldine Hunter said one of the biggest issues surrounding the topic of health is the lack of information many people possess. "Especially," she said, important to their well-being. 

It's a concept ministry leaders at Faith Worship Center have been promoting for years; to take care of everything that makes a person, young and old, healthy.

"There's a generation of baby boomers who are here," said Pastor Michael Grant, Jr., "who have encouraged us and inspired us as a younger generation to make sure that we're healthy, that we live long and prosperous, quality lives."

It's a realization Grant and his mom, Bishop Ann Hardman, said they've learned by watching their congregation grow face more medical struggles.

"At that point," Hardman said, "we realized the importance of teaching the 'whole man' concept, where it's emotional, spiritual, but also natural."

Dozens of community partners on hand talked to families about every possible resource that can improve their health, which includes vision care, cardiovascular tests, even mental health resources like those provided by New Horizons, a topic Susan Gallagher, the group's community director, is passionate about sharing.

"Good mental health," she said, "is part of your overall health and wellbeing."

Other professionals, like Melissa Brantley, RN, said they enjoy having these discussions with people if it means they'll take action to lead better quality lives.

"We're concerned about their blood pressures, their blood sugars, their cholesterol," Brantley said. 

"People are interested in their health, they're interested in their wellbeing," she also said, "and I love it."

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