Columbus family mourns loss of dog shot in yard

Columbus family mourns loss of dog shot in yard

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus family is mourning the loss of what they call a family member.

They say their neighbor walked to their yard and shot their dog while he was eating.

"I was in the room and I heard a gunshot and when I came outside, I heard the gunshot and they shot the dog and the dog hollered for his life. Like the last time he's going to holler," said the dog's owner, who wants to remain unnamed.

According to this family, they say their very own neighbor on Shirley Ann Dr. allegedly shot their dog from his yard while one of the owners was feeding it late Saturday night.

One of the owners said he was allegedly trying to hit it with a stick before they saw him pull out a gun.

"I heard him at the bushes, I looked over there. Then, all of a sudden, a gunshot went off and my dog just started crying," said the dog's owner.

The owners said he then ran into his house and would not answer the door for anyone, including police.

Family members said that this is already a bad situation that could have been worse if the shooter would have kept firing his weapon.

"You know, he's shooting. He could've… bullets can go anywhere, stray bullets, and it could have hit her. She was out there with the dog," said the dog owner's mother.

She then called her mother before calling the police, and officers said they are investigating to gather more details about what happened, but this family just want the shooter behind bars to get justice for the family.

"I just want to see him put away where he should be. My dog never did anything to him and he just randomly just shot her."

The family also said that they are still waiting for a phone call from police to further the investigation.

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