SCAM ALERT: PCPD warns public of prepaid card scam

SCAM ALERT: PCPD warns public of prepaid card scam

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) – The Phenix City Police Department is warning the public of a prepaid card scam.

In the past several months police have investigated a number of fraud complaints by various businesses and citizens involving the use of prepaid cards and other types of quick payment cards.

The scheme is that a perpetrator will contact possible clients of a business by phone acting as agents or representatives of the business.

They will tell the clients that they owe money using the scheme and advise them to purchase a prepaid card such as Green Dot, Vanilla, or Money Gram type cards.

Once the prepaid card is purchased, the client is then asked to provide the verification code on the back of the card. After this occurs, the money placed on the card can be retrieved immediately with almost no chance of recovery.

"Some of the users, clients, and business owners are going to have to use common sense. If there is anything that is suspicious about it, hang up on the induvial and call the business directly. Find out what's going on. If anything sounds suspicious to you, call the police department," says Lt. Steve Nolin.

A legitimate business should never ask a customer to pay for services in this manner.

If a consumer is contacted by what they think is a legitimate business and is asked to pay for services in this manner, they should contact the business directly.

If suspicious activity is suspected, the consumer should end the call immediately and contact the police.

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