Alumni baseball game draws pro players, families for fundraiser

Alumni baseball game draws pro players, families for fundraiser

Russell County, AL (WTVM) - Baseball fans in East Alabama took advantage of a lovely Saturday. Students and alumni from Russell County High School gathered on the field for a little fun and some fundraising to help improve the program.

It was quite the sight for long-time Warriors head coach Tony Rasmus. "You're proud of them and you love to see them, and you love to see them have success," he said. 

It was also a trip down memory lane for notable Warrior players of old, including current pro outfielder Anfernee Grier.

"I got a lot of memories out here," Grier said. "I remember sitting down, thinking about some of the at-bats I had out here, so it felt good to come out and see some old faces I hadn't seen in a while."

For major league pitcher Cory Rasmus, it was a chance to share some wisdom with current players.

"It allows me that opportunity to come back here and give to them," Rasmus said.  "I tell them I'm an open book, anything you got, you ask me and I'm willing to give you all I got."

A bond they all share with the school they love, and a program they want to invest in and improve for future generations by raising funds to update the field.

"The field's been here quite a while," said Warrior parent and alumna Heather Tharpe. "We'd love for the boys to have batting cages that are indoor."

All signs show they're building a foundation to bring in future great players, and if they build it, they will come. 

"It will forever be a part of me," Grier said. "I'm thankful to be a Russell County Warrior and I'm just blessed to be back."

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