UPATOI MURDER TRIAL: Testimony continues, fourth teen introduced to jurors

UPATOI MURDER TRIAL: Testimony continues, fourth teen introduced to jurors

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Testimony continues in the trial of Rufus Burks, who is accused or murdering Gloria Short, her son Caleb Short, and her granddaughter Gianna Lindsay.

Wednesday, a fourth person, who was an associate of the three charged took the stand.

Marcus Dermer was introduced to jurors, following the same storyline as Raheam Gibson, who testified Tuesday.

Both agreed the trip to Upatoi was a plan by Javarceay Tapley.

A last-minute decision kept Dermer at home with his girlfriend instead.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry: So you knew what time, where to go, and changed your mind at the last minute?

Marcus Dermer: Yes ma'am.

The next morning he says he found a large white trash bag on his front porch. The bag was filled with numerous pairs of Jordans, t-shirts, and pants, according to his testimony. He did not know until later, the items belonged to the victim, Caleb Short.

Dermer says even after finding out the stoles belong to Caleb, he still wore the clothes and took pictures alongside Rufus Burks and posted the images on Facebook.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry: Did Caleb give you his shoes?
Marcus Dermer:  No ma'am.
Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry: But you had them right? You had his clothes right?
Marcus Dermer: Yes ma'am.
Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry:  But you didn't go to the house, right?
Marcus Dermer: No ma'am.

Back and forth during cross-examination became very tense as attorneys questioned Dermer further.

Dermer visibly agitated, changed his answers, crediting a bad memory and an early morning car accident.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry:  So when you said yes earlier, you were not being truthful?

Marcus Dermer:  I had the question confused. I was in a car accident earlier and hit my head on the side of the window. I am having a really bad day and you are really poking my temper right now.

Professional Cell Phone Analyst Sandra Hickey with the Columbus Police Department was brought in to detail cell phone tower information linking the three suspects and Dermer January 3, 2016.

Tower information showed  movement of the three suspects Javarceay Tapley, Rufus Burks, and Raheam Gibson from South Columbus to the Upatoi area.

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