New paintball park opening in Columbus

New paintball park opening in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Today is National Paintball Day and in honor of paintball, a new paintball park is coming to Columbus.

The name of the new park is Ballistic Paintball Park and it will be located on Brennan Rd.

The grand opening will be on St. Patrick's Day weekend.

There will also be a 7 on 7 tournament with a $100 grand prize. The park will also feature a go-kart track that will be open to all ages.

"We shoot you this way we get to go home at night, that's the difference. Violence has got crazy in Columbus. Last year the murder rate was really high. So, our objective is to lower the crime rate and give the kids something to do another form of entertainment another outlet and another way to release stress."

Gadget Jackson, owner of Ballistic Paintball Park encourages everyone to come out to support this. His main goal is to help lower the crime rate in the city. He says he wants people to shoot paintball guns instead of real guns.

For more information, call 706-593-3777.

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