Formerly homeless man shares success story at Pratt & Whitney

Formerly homeless man shares success story at Pratt & Whitney

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus man, who was formerly homeless, shares his moving story about building a promising future with Pratt & Whitney.

Paulo Young walked six hours to get to and from his temporary job interview at Pratt & Whitney's Columbus location.

After he got the job, that would later turn into a full-time position, he still faced the challenge of having a place to sleep and transportation once he left work.

When he got the job, Paulo's co-workers noticed that his work clothes would sometimes not be washed or that he hadn't had a shower and asked about his situation.

Paulo mentioned feeling ashamed of his situation and was scared to tell them at first, but when he finally found the confidence to tell them they immediately jumped into action.

His coworkers were eager to help him find shelter and his manager, Kelly Johnston, called United Way, who immediately provided shelter and food for him that night.

"He just has that attitude that just grabs you. His personality, his smile and that's what I think really hit home for me," said Johnston.

Friends from work also offered to let him stay at their homes, offered him food, and let him use their washing machines.

Now, Paulo has much more than he started out with such as a house, car, and means to take care of his daughter.

"She's my world, she's the reason why I don't give up," he said.

In the future, Young hopes to take advantage of the UTC college scholarship program and one day become an engineer.

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