The Power of Goodwill: Chained dog freed in Columbus

VIDEO: The Power of Goodwill: Chained dog freed in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A dog, seen in a social media photo, chained up and sitting in trash, now has a happy ending, thanks to animal advocates in Columbus.

This story may have a sad beginning, but the ending certainly is not.

This week, advocates from the Animal SOS and Chain-Free Dogs organizations freed a starving dog from chains that were keeping him in his owner's front yard.

Calls to help the dog, Camo, were made after a photo of him surfaced on Facebook.

Advocates took the photo and made a case in court, asking a Columbus judge to release Camo from his owners.

Judge Michael Joyner granted the request and rescuers were able to cut Camo from his chains and put him up for adoption.

Camo was adopted and is receiving treatment to get his weight up and solve other medical issues.

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