City of Opelika opens a new dog park

City of Opelika opens a new dog park
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Dogs are howling with joy as Opelika opens its new dog park to the community.

The grand opening of the park is on April 14th, but the park is already open to the community.

"We usually go to Kiesel Park which is a 20-minute drive," said dog owner Railey Smith. "This is a two-minute drive from my house."

Residents in Opelika have been talking about the idea of a park for a number of years, so many are excited to see this project come to fruition.

"While Auburn has all of these places you can take dogs and Opelika has all of these places you can take dogs, they need to meet each other," said Brittany Beach who works with a number of local animal rescue groups and is excited to see the new par in the area.

"Meeting a dog on leash isn't really ideal," said Beach. "Having this off-leash area where dogs get to run and play and you get to meet people in our community is great."

The park features a separate area for big and little dogs. The two play spaces are next to each other which Smith says allows for the dogs to still interact with each other.

"It keeps them active still because the little dogs are chasing the big dogs because they can't be with them," she said.

One feature still in the works is a water area for pups that work up a thirst at the park. The city is currently working on that feature.

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