WTVM exclusive interview could play key role in case of Ft. Mitchell deadly shooting

WTVM exclusive interview could play key role in case of Ft. Mitchell deadly shooting
Justin Davidson

A Fort Mitchell shootout near a Dollar General ended in one man's death and two others injured in January.

News Leader 9 spoke exclusively with Justin Davidson, the man who authorities said is now believed to be responsible for Lorenzo Freeman's death.

Investigators on this case say Lorenzo Freeman was defending his son after Freeman's son and Davidson were involved in a road rage incident starting in Columbus miles from where the incident came to an end near the Big Cat gas station and Dollar General on 165.

In the News Leader 9 exclusive, Davidson told said he fired shots in self-defense.

The Russell County District Attorney said Monday that the WTVM exclusive interview with the man who authorities say is responsible for Lorenzo Freeman's death could play a crucial role in this case.

The Russell County DA said the interview doesn't exactly match up with evidence and could be presented during the trial.

"We don't believe that this in any way qualifies as self defense," Russell County DA Kenneth Davis said.

Davidson appeared for a preliminary hearing at the Russell County Courthouse where evidence was presented.

Witness testimony in the case reveals Davidson got out of his car near the dollar general and was shouting racial slurs as he pumped bullets from his shotgun towards Freeman's direction.

"Whether this qualifies as a hate crime, it may that's something we are looking into and there may be evidence presented about that aspect of the case," Davis said.

Davidson also asked a judge during the hearing for his bond to be reduced from $500,000.

The DA said the request was denied because of the nature of the case and a there was a tip that the suspect might make a run for it

"There was a plan for the defendant and his family to relocate out of this jurisdiction," Davis said.

Davis said if the grand jury finds Davidson guilty of a hate crime it could intensify the punishment in this case.

The case is set to go before a Russell County grand jury in May.

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