Muscogee County School Board approves spot-rezoning plan

Muscogee County School Board approves spot-rezoning plan

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After the voting approval of a spot rezoning plan, some parents in the Chattahoochee Valley will be taking their children to a new school next year.

"We've been in correspondence with parents thanks to the forums that gave us a leg up to give them a heads up. Now they will get further instructions from our student registration's office," says Director of Communications Mercedes Parham.

The plan will move some students from their current school to a different one to address areas of concern with student enrollment numbers, building capacities, and the construction of the new Spencer High School.

"At this point, it's about 300 students affected in specific areas for those rezoning spots."

This comes after several forums that were held to provide opportunities for parents, students, and the community to review the plan and give feedback. Many say they support the plan but are aware that there may be some challenges.

"It's a competitive city and if you have students that are going from Carver to Spencer, they may not get along," says MCSD District 4 Candidate Toyia Tucker.

A with that challenge, she says some students may not want to leave a school that has a rich history in their family.

"I completely understand why they're doing the rezoning, but a lot of times people don't want to leave the school," says Tucker.

Students in specialized programs, juniors and seniors in high school, and fifth graders in elementary school will not be reassigned.

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