‘Faith in God’ helps parents of Sadie Andrews cope with daughter's tragic death

‘Faith in God’ helps parents of Sadie Andrews cope with daughter's tragic death
Sadie Andrews

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Faith in God were the words that came from the parents of Sadie Andrews, the 3-year-old girl who passed away after falling into a grease trap at the Bruster's in Auburn almost six months ago.

Tracy and Corrie Andrews sat down with News Leader 9's Parker Branton to share their message following this tragedy that struck their family.

"We don't always feel like getting out of bed, but as we get our eyes on other people and praying does help," said Sadie's mother, Corrie Andrews.

"You'll never get over it. You'll never forget that person. You've just got to think about the good times," replied Sadie's father, Tracy Andrews.

Tracy and Corrie Andrews say as time is passing since their 3-year-old daughter passed away, the support from familiar and unfamiliar faces has made an everlasting impact.

"People that I've never met are still texting me saying,  'I'm praying for you, I'm thinking about you, you're not alone and not forgotten," said Corrie Andrews.

"It's overwhelming, its humbling, and it's hard to put in words," said Tracy Andrews.

The Andrews said they were approached by a neighbor about a neighborhood bench to be placed in Sadie's honor. The bench soon turned into a pavilion in which people across the country have donated time and money to build in the 3-year-old's memory.

"For someone who doesn't have a  relationship with Christ, they would never fully understand the depth of the love, encouragement, and the depth of the support we are getting and feeling," said Corrie Andrews.

The Andrews said keeping their other children's spirits high during this time of grieving is challenging at times, but they keep their hearts and minds on their faith in God to keep them going.

The parents said they are hoping to start a ministry in honor of Sadie that would involve going on camping trips and other meetings with parents and families who also have lost a child or are going through a similar situation.

Today, the family says Sadie is continuing to leave her mark across the world and they want to send a message to others who might be dealing with something similar.

"Depending on friends and family on them and not shutting myself away from them has helped us tremendously. It helped me tremendously," said Tracy Andrews.

"Sadie had 1,167 days on earth and to encourage others we aren't promised tomorrow and to make the most of every opportunity," said Corrie Andrews.

Senator Tom Whatley was behind the push for the grease trap bill which passed and will place stricter rules on grease traps and the lids on them to prevent an incident like Sadie's from happening again.

The family said they will be there for the official signing of the bill in April as they continue to keep their faith in God and the memory of Sadie Andrews alive.

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