Residents of Stone Gate Apartments concerned for safety after shooting leaves man dead

Residents of Stone Gate Apartments concerned for safety after shooting leaves man dead

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Some residents of Stone Gate Apartments in Phenix City say they are concerned for their safety after a shooting left one man dead Tuesday.

Patrick Baker says that he's lived in the apartments for almost ten years.

He says he lives with his daughter and tries to avoid some of the crime that happens in the neighborhood.

"There's been a few gunshots here and there or people running from the police, but it's just getting out of hand now," says Baker.

He says a shooting that left 23-year old Xavier Fair dead in an apartment is the worst he's seen while living there.

"They advised that a person had been shot. Officers entered the apartment and called for paramedics and called fire rescue. They attempted to render aid and found a deceased male," says Captain George Staudinger.

25-year-old Antorrius McDuffie has been named as the suspect in this shooting and is being charged with murder. Those in the community say the victim, Xavier Fair, had just moved to the neighborhood and believes the violence is coming from those outside the neighborhood moving in.

"These new people coming over here and they're bringing guns and stuff like that, which it shouldn't be.  I don't know the people that live here. They just moved over here but it needs to get better. It's other people bringing the violence here. It's not the people in the projects, it's people from outside that's bringing the violence."

Phenix City Police as well as those the community are seeking answers as to why this homicide happened so close to home. Baker says that it could have easily been any one of the children in the neighborhood, even his own daughter.

"It could've been anybody. Guns are being put in the wrong hands. When I was growing up, we always fought. We'll fight and be friends the next day or even the same day. Now it's just guns are being put in the wrong hands," says Baker.

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