Lakebottom residents frustrated with 'overflow' of campaign signs in the area

Lakebottom residents frustrated with 'overflow' of campaign signs in the area

(WTVM) - We are nearly a month away from elections in Columbus and candidates are ramping up their campaigns.

In the Lakebottom neighborhood, residents say their streets have seen an overflow of campaign signs and they are not happy about it. Some residents say even if the signs aren't in their yard,  there are just too many signs in the area.

Bill Sturkie explained what his reaction would be if he came home to discover a sign was placed in his yard without his permission.

"If it was a candidate I supported that would be fine, but if it was a candidate I did not, then I would not be okay with it," said Sturkie.
"I would hope they would ask first."

Sturkie says he has had a campaign crew ask permission to put their sign in his yard.

News Leader 9 has reached out to all the campaigns with signs in the area to about their protocol for placing signs.

So far, we've heard back from several candidates:

Charmaine Crabb, who is running unopposed for City Council District 5, declined to offer comment on the subject.

Frank Myers who is re-running for the district 8 seat of the Muscogee County School Board says "he personally asks homeowners permission before placing campaign signs on any property."

John House, running for the District 10 seat of Columbus City Council responded saying:

"I have told my volunteers to tell anyone picking up signs to place them only on someone's property with the owner's permission.  If anyone has placed one of my signs incorrectly then I hope the property owner removes it.  They are welcome to contact me and I will remove it.  I have noticed someone placing other campaign signs on commercial property where I have permission to put a sign so that the new sign blocks vision of mine.  No one has reported to me a violation of an individual property owner's property.  I want my volunteers to follow the rules and to respect other people's property."

Skip Henderson, who previously held the District 10 City Council seat, is running for Mayor. Henderson responded to our request explaining:

"Our Campaign is focused on placing signs on private property after permission or a request is received from the owner.  When signs are picked up by a volunteer or a property owner, we try to make sure they receive a copy of a letter detailing guidelines for sign placement.  If anyone has received a sign in error, all they need to do is call or visit our website and ask us to pick it up.  Likewise, if anyone wants a sign, just call or visit the website!"

Early voting for elections starts April 30 and election day is May 22.

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