Former mayor representing family of missing woman as investigation continues

Former mayor representing family of missing woman as investigation continues
Ebony Giddens

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Bob Poydasheff, former Columbus mayor, and an attorney, will now guide the family of Ebony Giddens through the Columbus Police Department's investigation into her disappearance.

"They're concerned," he said, "and they just felt that by retaining me to assist them and speak for them, in many respects, perhaps things can be moving."

Poydasheff said he's been in contact with Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren to ensure this investigation stays a top priority for detectives.

Giddens, a 27-year-old mother of three, was last seen in Columbus on Sunday, March 11, at her apartment on Montclair Drive.

When a family member stopped by her apartment Monday morning, she was gone and her children were left home alone.

Poydasheff said the circumstances surrounding Ebony's disappearance puzzled both police and her family.

"It's a very, very complicated case," he said. "In the sense that, the young lady who is missing was very close to the family, and hasn't reached out to them."

Poydasheff also said his conversations with Chief Boren leads him to believe investigators will not seek additional help from outside agencies.

"At this juncture," he said, "[C.P.D] is probably thinking that calling in the F.B.I or the G.B.I, would not bear any fruit. Having been gone this long," Poydasheff said, "you expect the worst."

While police have not officially named a suspect in Giddens' disappearance, both Poydasheff and her family believe there was foul play, and that they know who could be responsible.

"I'm hoping that if he has any decency about him, that he will talk to the police and tell them exactly what he knows," Poydasheff said.

The most important thing now, for Poydasheff, is that Giddens' family gets closure. The family is still offering a $10,000 reward for any information that will bring her home.

The community is also encouraged to contact Columbus Police if they know of her whereabouts.

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