Lee County Sheriff's Office warns of reported phone scam

Lee County Sheriff's Office warns of reported phone scam

The Lee County Sheriff's Department is warning the public of a reported phone scam.

According to the sheriff's office, the caller is usually male and identifies himself as a deputy with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. The caller has also referred to himself using names of specific deputies who serve at the sheriff's office.

The scammer tells the intended victims that a warrant has been issued for their arrest due to missing a court date or jury duty. He states that the warrant will be dropped if they can obtain a cash card and provide access to information to pay the fine.

The sheriff's office says the scammer is also employing a new method of calling local medical offices and demanding medical records of specific people.

Authorities want to remind the public of the following:

  • Warrants and record requests are not handled by telephone calls
  • Never released financial or personal information to someone who contacts you by phone
  • Always verify any request by contacting the agency or business directly
  • U.S. postal service and in-person service are the official methods of notification regarding judicial system documents
  • Report attempted scams to your local law enforcement authorities
  • Always be on guard for those who are attempted to use threats and intimidation to obtain your financial or personal information

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