U.S. Senator and Congressman talk tax reform with Aflac employees in Columbus

Updated: May. 3, 2018 at 11:05 PM EDT
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A unique opportunity for Alfac employees was presented Thursday at their worldwide headquarters in Columbus.

Employees met face to face with U.S. Senator David Perdue and Congressman Drew Ferguson of Georgia to talk federal tax code and reform.
“We knew we had to do something to make these corporations be more competitive with the rest of the world and we knew if that would happen they would reinvest in their employees and customers," says Perdue.
For one Aflac employee, Tabatha Dallas, sharing her story today means much more.
“To know that you have a company that does put those dollars back in your pocket and a way to show it such as in your 401k, the bonuses we got, the hospital policies," says Dallas.
Dallas, a customer service representative for Aflac, wrote a letter to her company officials explaining how she is thankful for the changes made in tax savings by Aflac which leaves her with more earnings as a single parent to invest in her 401(k), and more money to support her and her daughter who has battled health issues.
“It's given me the confidence to know that if she needs to be admitted to the hospital because of it, I’ll be okay," says Dallas.
Perdue and Ferguson say its millions of Americans, just like Dallas who ultimately feel these tax changes.
“I like to see Georgia families smiling and a mother happy that she has a little more money in her pocket as a result of tax reform," added Ferguson.

The recent tax reform passed in December resulted in savings from federal tax cuts. Aflac announced a $250 million increase in the company’s overall U.S. investment, which included raising their 401(k) match for every employee. Dallas says she forever thankful.

(WTVM) - "Not a lot of people can say they love the company they work for, but I love this company so much.

Right here in the Chattahoochee Valley, officials thanked companies like TSYS, Aflac, and Synovous for their efforts in investing in their employees' benefits.

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