Residents in East Columbus alarmed after sightings of wild hogs

Residents in East Columbus alarmed after sightings of wild hogs

Neighbors in one East Columbus area are alarmed after continuous sightings of wild hogs.

Sightings of a group of five or more hogs have been seen along Steam Mill Road and Northstar Drive over the past few weeks.

According to people in the area, this is not a new occurrence and they believe the hogs seem to be multiplying.

"I thought they were some dogs, they pigs!," said John Bulger.

Bulger captured video of a group of eight hogs crossing the street.

Rather than the wild animals being an unusual occurrence, the hogs pose more of a threat for people living in the area.

"They are not new to the area. I had trouble with them at one time. They came into my yard,"  said Alfred Chester who lives along Northstar Drive.

Chester calls the wild animals a 'nuisance', often times coming late at night, digging holes in yards, and destroying flower beds.

He said he has put in continuous calls to animal control to no avail.

According to Pat Biegler, Public Works Director for the City of Columbus, a contractor has been hired to trap the wild hogs. Trappers are currently working on two locations along Buena Vista Road.

The hogs' patterns and tracks are said to be irregular and the city reports not having the manpower to catch the animals.

For people like Chester and his neighbors, he said he just wants something to be done.

"If the city don't do nothing, I know something I can do about it. Going to have to take it into my own hands, I guess," said Chester.

Officials say if you come in contact with a wild hog, stay away. The animals can sometimes become violent and can be extremely dangerous.

Six hogs have been reportedly caught by professionals in the past week.

Residents are advised not to shoot the hogs within city limits.

You can call animal control at 311.

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