Petition started in opposition of housing project on Wynnton Road

VIDEO: Petition started in opposition of housing project on Wynnton Road
Updated: May. 20, 2018 at 9:41 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A proposed development to create new homes in Midtown Columbus is getting opposition from those in the area. Sunday, organizers with Help Save Hilton and Historic Columbus held demonstrations to fight against the housing project.

"I could not imagine adding two hundred residents on one spot in this area. I think it would just ruin this atmosphere," says nearby resident Sandy Coolik.

Coolik is like many residents in Midtown Columbus who are opposed to a housing development being built on the corner of Wynnton Road and Hilton Avenue. A place that many are calling a historic area and others nearby call it home.

"I'm a resident of the neighborhood and I walk past this property almost daily. My main concern is with the density of the proposed project and the traffic concerns for our neighborhood. We already have cars that fly down Hilton and Wildwood and I think that that's just going to make it worse," says Muffy Schladensky.

Many of those residents in attendance just down the road from where those possible developments could be to sign petitions to present to the Department of Community Affairs to show they do not want those housing units to be built.

"I know that the developers have to have their applications in on Thursday, so we will be ready to submit a letter to the Department of Community Affairs. We have petitions out here today that people are signing, so I will be able to show our support of opposition hopefully to DCA on Thursday," says Tyler Prichard, who is the chair of Help Save Hilton.

Developers say if built, they hope the low to moderate housing units will bring life to the area, saying that it could be good for businesses nearby and helps those looking for affordable housing.

"It brings affordability for those who are paying way too much for rent. It gives those in Columbus a chance to live in a really nice community," says TBG Residential Principal Kevin Buckner.

As far as funding goes for the developments they say they will not know when everything will be finalized until the end of this year.

Developers have to submit their applications on Thursday, May 24.

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