Running 260 miles from Savannah to Columbus to support local causes

Running 260 miles from Savannah to Columbus to support local causes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A group from Columbus just drove to Savannah, then on Wednesday, they're running all the way back---260 miles---to support some local causes.

One of those individual runners is John Teeples who started the Run Across Georgia in 2009.

Now, in the event's 10th and final year, there is a record number of participants. Close to 350 runners and some bicyclists are in this adventure.

So far, those runners and teams have raised nearly $150,000 this year, through the event. Teeples talked to us about where that money goes.

"You can go down the street, see where we fixed this guy's house, cleaned up this guy's yard, or treated this kid at Fox Elementary School, and that's making a difference in our community."

All money raised through Run Across Georgia goes to the military non-profit House of Heroes and MercyMed's health clinic at Fox Elementary.

Here's how it works for the 8 to 16-person relay teams running 50 separate legs across Georgia.

"Each leg is 4 to 7 miles. They have a rotation of runners, and those runners go through those legs, day in day out," Teeples said.

He calls it a unique way to see South Georgia on back roads and highways alongside people who are "salt of the earth."

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Click here for information on how you can help the worthy causes benefiting from the Run Across Georgia, by giving to teams like "News Flash" that include some WTVM employees.

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