Republicans vie for a shot at Alabama’s governor seat in primary elections

Republicans vie for a shot at Alabama’s governor seat in primary elections

(WTVM) - Voters in Alabama are getting ready to cast their votes in several primary election races and one of those races will determine the Republican and Democrat on the general election ballot.

The ballot for the primary election is set for the June 5 vote. Registered members of the Republican Party will decide who will represent the G.O.P. come November as the official gubernatorial candidate.

Republican voters will have their choice between five names listed on the sample ballot, including current Governor Kay Ivey.

Ivey, the former Lieutenant Governor, took over the role after then-Governor Robert Bentley stepped down in April 2017 amid charges of ethics violations and threats of impeachment.

Since that time, Ivey's administration has touted the declining unemployment rate and growing investments the state has seen in her time in office.

Ivey will face competition from three men vying for her job title: longtime Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, author and preacher Scott Dawson and Alabama State Senator Bill Hightower.

Voters should pay close attention to their ballot and avoid voting for the fifth name in the G.O.P. governor's box.

Candidate Michael McAllister, a former corrections officer, was found dead inside his Troy home just this April.

Whoever wins the June primary will face one of several candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Alabama.

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