Columbus city engineers assess water damage to county roads

Columbus city engineers assess water damage to county roads

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Roads like Calumet Drive in Midland remain closed off to traffic as Columbus City Government assesses the impact, brought on by heavy rainfall to streets and other infrastructure.

City engineers updated Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and city councilors on road conditions across the county Tuesday morning. Engineering department director Donna Newman confirmed several locations recently experienced temporary flooding.

"Approximately 26 streets were flooded - common streets, that you hear us refer to as 'hot-spots,'" she said.

Drainage systems across the city are designed to handle this rain, but local engineers and state agencies, like the Georgia Department of Transportation, acted to prevent drivers and pedestrians from accessing areas that remain potentially risky.

"[G-DOT] closed several bridges, concerned about the amount of water, the vibration on the bridge," Newman said, "and I'm sure they'll be out again, this week as well, reassessing some of them."

Newman also said the impact from the rains is limited to the streets. Creeks across the county, watersheds - even city parks and the Riverwalk - overflowed with rainfall.

While Flat Rock Park has reopened, engineers said say other parks, designed around watersheds, will remain closed until the water levels subside.

Newman also said the engineering department is preparing a full assessment report on the recent damage done to city infrastructure, which they will submit to city council in the coming week.

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