Delightful daylilies on display at fifth annual festival

Delightful daylilies on display at fifth annual festival

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "We decided five years ago to have a daylily festival with three key parties and the reason is because they are so beautiful, and they are so easy to care for and a lot of people should know about them and know how easy they are to handle," said Larry Miller, Chairman of the Chattahoochee Valley Daylily Festival.

It is peak season for the versatile daylily and this popular spring flower comes in thousands of colors.

Today's festival was open to the community with the opportunity to learn growing tips and demonstrations, all while picking out their favorite flower.

You can start by buying the root one season ahead and by the next spring you will have a garden of beauty.

"One of the questions a lot of people ask is how do I know when they get so big that I should dig them up and split them and separate them and replant them," said Miller. "You can tell on that when you say the size of your daylilies start getting a little smaller or they just don't look as good."

The fun did not stop at the flowers.

"One of the things we do is try to provide a variety of vendors in addition to all the other things we do," said Miller.

All kinds of arts and crafts, from painting, handmade birdhouses, to BBQ and shaved ice were available for attendees to enjoy. The daylily festival was a one-stop shop.

Those who grow daylilies could even compete in a competition boiled down to who picked the best. With more than 200 daylilies, judges had plenty to choose from. All they had to say was 'may the best lily win.'

For more information on the Chattahoochee Valley Daylily Society, click here.

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