Community rally highlights "senseless murders" in Phenix City

Community rally highlights "senseless murders" in Phenix City

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Phenix City leaders are taking a stand against violence with a rally to stop senseless murders in the community.

The event happened at Agape Church International on 14th Street in Phenix City.

Organizers say sparking the conversation with city leaders is the first step to bridging the gap between those in the community and officials in government.

"It's senseless that we are destroying ourselves from the inside out. This is not an attack from a foreign entity or something that we don't know. This is us tearing down our own communities. We have to do something fix the problem," says Attorney Teddy Reese.

Organizers say this is the second annual community rally against what they are calling fighting senseless murder in the community.

"If we don't get together and try to come up with a way to eradicate these killings. It's going to get worse. It doesn't get better. It gets worse," says organizer Montric McClendon.

McClendon is with the organization Victims of Unsolved Crimes. She says she creates rallies in the community after her own personal experience with violence.

"Last year, in May, my brother was killed in Phenix City, Alabama. His murder was unsolved and it was around this time that I found out about all the unsolved murders in Phenix City, Columbus and throughout the nation. Each year we have two community rallies, one in Columbus and one in Phenix City to get the community to come together to come up with solutions to the senseless murders in our city," says McClendon.

Organizers say there will be another rally in the coming days to highlight senseless crime in Columbus, Georgia.

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