'Help Save Hilton' opposing new housing complex in Midtown Columbus

'Help Save Hilton' opposing new housing complex in Midtown Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The fight continues against a low-to-moderate income housing complex in Columbus.

Recently, Atlanta-based housing developer TBG Residential submitted an application to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to further the building of 84 units on the corner of Hilton Avenue and Wynnton Road.

"Before they did that, Help Save Hilton was able to submit our opposition letter to the Department of Community Affairs. That included our reasons and our concerns," says Tyler Pritchard, the chairman of Help Save Hilton.

Help Save Hilton is a group that opposes the proposed development.

Prichard says those concerns include a lack of transparency from the developers, as well as the potential impact on the community. So, the group raised over $100,000 in donations and pledges.

Elizabeth Barker is the director of Historic Columbus. She says Mayor Theresa Tomlinson even got involved.

"The mayor also mailed a letter to the Department of Community Affairs stating that they were not recommending the proposed development. Council also passed a resolution stating they are approving of that letter," says Barker.

"Just about every street in Midtown has a Help Save Hilton sign so we're really pleased with that. It just helps up move the effort forward," says Pritchard.

A spokesperson with TBG residential defends the development saying the developments will bring life and business to the community. They say they will know more about funding by the end of the year.

Historic Columbus will meet Thursday with Help Save Hilton to discuss how they will spend the money raised to prevent the development from going up.

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