'I need a kidney' Message on rear SUV window leads woman to kidney donor

Updated: Jun. 8, 2018 at 6:16 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - One woman got a second chance at life after displaying a simple message on the back of her SUV.

While driving one day, Brittany Fullen saw the message that read "I NEED A KIDNEY" with a phone number below it.

Piedmont Healthcare tells the story of how Constance Johns, who needed a kidney, made a Facebook page and flyers with her story on it along with the message on the back of her SUV.

After seeing Johns' message and phone number on the back of her vehicle, Fullen called Johns and the bond between the two began to developed.

Fullen provided Johns a kidney in February. Piedmont says the two are now nearly inseparable and talk several times a day. They are also active in each other's lives.

Piedmont reports that John's quality of life has greatly improved and Fullens' is back where it was prior to donating her kidney.

The message on Johns' SUV now reads, "SAVE A LIFE DONATE A KIDNEY" with the phone number to Piedmont Transplant in hopes of influencing others to become living donors.

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