Church sign gains recognition from rapper Cardi B

Church sign gains recognition from rapper Cardi B

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus, Georgia church that has become known for its clever church signs is at it again.

This time the sign in front of Britt David Baptist Church has gained some attention from the person it is referencing: rapper Cardi B.

The sign reads: "We'll see you Sunday. Okuuurrt."

The sentence makes use of Cardi B's catchphrase she uses in place of the word 'okay.'

The rapper took notice and posted it to her own Instagram account saying, "I want to be best friends with the First Lady of this church."

The pastor's wife at Britt David Baptist Church, Deena Jones, says the rapper is more than welcome to join her in a service.

The church sign has previously gone viral with their "Cash God Inside, Howbow Dah?" sign and again with a sign poking fun at an Apple autocorrect glitch.

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