Owners of Ralston Towers ordered to pay $15K to local business after court hearing

Published: Jun. 11, 2018 at 9:43 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 12, 2018 at 2:15 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Following a lengthy court hearing on Monday, PF Holdings LLC, the owners of the long-troubled Ralston Towers in Columbus, were ordered to pay $15,000  to Servpro of Columbus.

Servpro is a fire damage and restoration company.

"They were supposed to make four payments in four consecutive months and that never happened. That's why we came back," said  Brandon Carraway, the general manager of Servpro in Columbus.

Local businesses are accusing the New-Jersey-based company of failing to pay a total of $25,000 worth of services.

Lawyers for Servpro have stated their client was hired to repair the damage left by a fire at the Ralston Towers in November 2016, then hired again to fix water damage inside the building the following January.

Even after agreeing to a settlement, an attorney for Servpro argues funds were never paid.

“We held them responsible. It took a year and it took a lot of work. We had to chase people around the country, but we got it done and got judgments in their favor," said  Hayden Barnes, an attorney for Servpro. 

A victory none-the-less, but  Barnes said this should be used as a learning lesson for small businesses everywhere.

"Small business can help protect themselves for every job and every project and can usually avoid problems like this going forward," said Barnes.

Judge Steven Smith also ruled The Miracle Mile Realty Group to pay for unpaid services by Four Seasons Lawn Care on one other area property: Eagles Trace Apartments in Columbus.

Judge Smith concluded Miracle Miles Realty Group was responsible for the remaining funds and collected services at Eagles Trace.

However, a rep for Miracle Miles says Miracle Mile does not manage any of these properties currently, and have stopped managing these properties as of 1/1/17 along with any of PF Holdings properties nationally.

"The only thing I wish I had done was have more documentation going forward. Getting justice for [small businesses] when they're short-changed is difficult. It takes time and money," said Barnes.

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