Former employees in shock after Auburn manufacturing plant suddenly closes

Former employees in shock after Auburn manufacturing plant suddenly closes

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Former employees and locals are reacting to hundreds losing their job due to an Auburn manufacturing plant shutting down.

It started off as a normal workday for the more than 400 employees at the MasterBrand Cabinets plant in Auburn, Alabama, but one former employee says things quickly began to change when they were called into a meeting.

"When they met with us, they basically told us that we need to get our stuff and go. They talked to us and told us how everything went down, but I feel like you should have told us that ahead of time," Brittany, a former employee.

The company released the following statement:

In order to improve operational efficiencies while addressing these market changes, we will close the Auburn, AL manufacturing plant effective June 12, 2018. Products manufactured in the Auburn facility will be produced at other Masterbrand U.S. Manufacturing locations.

Brittany says it's still an adjustment for the employees.

"I got three boys I have to take care of. Just going to work and being sent away from your job without a notice is hurtful," she explains.

Emily Small with the company's corporate office in Jasper, Indiana says the company will offer those affected by the closure severance pay, health benefits, and help with job placement. Those in the area and even former employees say they feel for those who lost their job and think it will affect the local economy.

"I think it's really surprising. That was a very stable company in the area and I think it's really going to hurt this area to lose that many jobs at one time," says area resident Angie Haddock.

"They wouldn't let the employees know anything, so I really feel sorry for the people that lost their jobs today or whatever and it's a sad situation. It really is," says former employee Takauna Jackson.

One representative with the company says there will be a food drive next Thursday for those affected as well as other efforts for job placement.

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