Florida man lays the smackdown on an SUV

Florida man lays the smackdown on an SUV

(RNN) - A driver in southern Florida captured an extreme case of road rage on video.

It begins with a man posturing up and flexing his muscles in front of a black SUV. He struck an old-school strongman pose, put up his dukes and unleashed two haymakers upon the grill of the SUV.

Be that as it may, the SUV didn't even budge. But a piece of the grill did fly off.

The man picked it up and waved it at the SUV's driver like a prized trophy.

The SUV's driver decided that was enough and put it in reverse. But the man wasn't done.

He walked towards his own car, still taunting the other driver before he turned around and sprinted towards the SUV.

He leaped in the air and planted a double-knee right into the SUV's grill.

Having made his point, the man returned to his car with his head held high. If he was in any pain, he wasn't showing it.

WSVN reports the incident happened Monday afternoon in Hialeah at the intersection of Northwest 87th Avenue and 79th Street, just south of Interstate 75.

Instagram user @dana_cabr posted the video and it was reposted by @only.in.hialea.305 where it has more than 100,000 views.

Police do not know the man's identity. They told local media the driver of the SUV did not want to file a report.

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