Veterans complain about waiting in line in the heat at Columbus' Veterans Services Office

Veterans complain about waiting in line in the heat at Columbus' Veterans Services Office

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Several veterans in Columbus are complaining about long lines and the conditions at a local office where they go for assistance.

News Leader 9 received calls from veterans waiting in line outside of the Georgia Department of Veteran Services.

"We need help out here, you can see and film the people out here that's having to wait until nine o'clock AM for them to open up. This man can hardly stand, all these old people out here," said Veteran Mr. Lewis Worthy.

It's important to note that this is not VA Clinic where patients are seen for medical issues.

This is the Georgia Department of Veterans Services and it's a state agency.

This is where veterans go to file paperwork for disability claims, and Friday morning veterans were complaining about, having to stand in line outside in the heat, the small waiting room, no public restrooms inside and, limited staff.

They say the office only has 16 slots available each day on a first-come-first-serve basis so that's why they show up early in hopes of getting help with their claims.

"Inside and as well as having to wait outside until nine o'clock and to go inside and have no place to sit down at in a room of four by five. Really don't accessible bathroom and it's sad the way we are being treated here," said Worthy.

"I know they have set timeframes and they have a lot of veterans that come here and want to get the help they need but I feel like they can do better than what they are doing," said another veteran Mr. Allen Gibson.

The public information director for this state agency says his office has not received any complaints for most of the issues brought out Friday.

He says that now that his office is aware of the concerns, the Georgia Department of Veteran Services will work to resolve these issues.

We're told the Department of Veterans Services is studying the feasibility of expanding operations in Columbus and hope to have solutions to the veterans concerns sooner than later.

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