How golf helps Lions kicker prepare for Saturdays

Golf helps Rausa's kicking game

(WTVM) - Lions kicker Tyler Rausa had a whirlwind week. In just five days he went from free agent, to first arena football game, to big hero.

"I don't know about big hero," Rausa said. "I just came in, did what I was supposed to do,"

Down 62-60 with one second left in a battle with the first place Massachusetts Pirates, the Lions called on the newcomer Rausa to kick a field goal. Columbus's rookie booted it through the uprights as time expired, and the Lions now sit in first place thanks in large part to their newest signee.

"...he made every play, can't be mad at him for that," teammate Darius Rosser said. "So if anything I appreciate him."

Rausa did way more than just kick the game-winner. Two field goals, four deuces and seven for seven on PATs. He alone provided 21 of the team's 63 points. Did we mention it was his first arena game…ever?

"I've never seen anything like it." head coach Jason Gibson said of his kicker's debut success.

Of course Tyler spends every day practicing for the next big moment, but his practicing of another sport also helps him on Saturdays.

That sport? Golf. Believe it or not, the success in one sport translates to another surprisingly well.

"How you hit a golf ball is a lot like how you hit a football," Rausa said. "From a kicker's standpoint, your foot is going to be like a driver, so it's like a driver head, the angle you're coming in on it, the ball contact. It all kind of plays relevance to how you kick a good football."

"I've never had a kicker that wasn't a phenomenal golfer," head coach Jason Gibson said. " If they're a good golfer, it always translates to good kickers."

So whether he's teeing it up on 18 or on the goal line, Tyler's just happy to be back on the green.

"Being part of a team, being able to go out and compete and just be something that's bigger than yourself."

As the Lions hit the back nine of the regular season,it's nice to have a guy help them with the clutch shots in the final round.

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