COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you are a property owner in Muscogee County, today is the final day to file an appeal on your property taxes at the city services center or by mail. 

The Tax Assessors office issued its annual 2018 notices in May with the deadline date of July 9th, 2018 noted for all property owners in Muscogee County. 

"After that they are late and there's no appeal rights granted to anyone who's late. No penalties, they just don't get any adjustments for the tax year 2018," said Betty Middleton, the Chief Appraiser of Muscogee County.

Your tax bill is based on the county's assessed value of your property.  While it's not uncommon for there to be an increase annually, one couple said they couldn't believe their notice.

"For some reason, it jumped from 637-dollars a month all the way up to 850-something dollars a month. Already been to our mortgage people and she's already printed out and actually shown and highlighted places where this just doesn't make any sense," said property owners David and Kathy Hines.

If you have an active appeal from 2017, there are 700 more of those notices yet to be mailed. When in doubt, look for your appeal deadline in the grey box, in the upper right corner of your notice.

If you need to mail in your appeals, they say to make sure it is U.S. postmarked with Monday's date and in the mail by midnight. 

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